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Parking Lot Sweeping text:

With over 30 years of experience, we sweep parking lots with the most modern sweeper trucks with 2-man crews- a driver and a blower man to get corners, sidewalks, entries, etc.  We are available 24 hours a day, including emergency sweeps.  All of our trucks are equipped with GPS monitoring. 


Street and Construction Site Sweeping text:


With our full-sized sweepers, we sweep streets for municipalities, subdivisions and construction sites including ingress/egress tracking.


Porter Service text:


Our two-man crews hand-pick trash from all portions of your property, large or small, and haul the debris away.  Each man is in a company uniform, in a clearly marked recent-model pickup.  Included in our scope is wiping down window sills, wiping tops of trash receptacles, changing out trash liners, hauling away unwanted furniture and appliances, and replacing/installing on-site traffic/parking signage.


Pressure Cleaning text:


Austin Pressure Wash is your most experienced and able pressure cleaning company in central Texas. Sidewalks, garages, parking lots, building facades, monuments, stone walls, etc.


Window Cleaning text:


Our 30+ years of experience enables unmatched abilities to access and clean any building’s windows, however tall or unusual.  Our window washers also provide high-altitude services like sign replacement and pressure cleaning.


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Caulking/Wet Seal text:


Our window washing group has highly-experienced caulkers who provide water-leak detection and repair services, including paving joints (sidewalks).

About  Us Page

Used NYCTechClub Demo #3 as reference:

Collectively, our companies are each over 30 years old, so our experience is unsurpassed.  We all work together as one family dedicated to integrity, character and professionalism.  

Chris Whitaker
Director of Sweeping, Porter Service and Pressure Washing 
Since 2012 

Tomas Gutierrez
Director of Window Washing and Caulking
Since 1989

Theresa Smith
Logistics, Dispatch/Route design, Sales
Since 2014

Ron Romero
Night Supervisor
Since 2009

Cheryl Gutierrez
Since 2007

Phil Kiger
Since 1997